Festa della Vendemmia

We arrived early at Festa della Vendemmia .  I was eager and hungry and we had travelled 300 kilometres to be there.  Regardless of our early arrival we were given a warm welcome and I knew immediately we were in for a special evening.
Festa della Vendemmia is a “feast of the grape harvest” promoting the International Slow Food philosophy of ‘good, clean, and fair’ The dinner showcased a range of produce grown and manufactured solely in the Sunraysia area, including local  wines and beers.   The dinner was a friendly degustation on long tables set beneath high trellis vines on the Garreffa family vineyard in Irymple, hosted by Slow Food Mildura.


The evening air in the vineyard was hot, humid and perfectly still. We enjoyed a cold local beer while we watched two ladies expertly make zeppoli right before our eyes.  Soon we were devouring these traditional Italian pieces of fried dough, stuffed with anchovies or dried fruit.  Just don’t tell your heart specialist about these incredible pre dinner treats!


Over the next 5 hours we enjoyed 6 courses of magnificent food including aged free –range prosciutto, Murray Cod, handmade canneloni and goat slow cooked in camp ovens.   The finale to our main meal was a delicate pistachio frangipan tart served with fresh figs from the Garreffa’s own tree.






It was after midnight when we emerged from beneath the grapevine canopy only to discover even more delights.  A massive wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano sat on top of a wine barrel surrounded by muscatels.   Upon a neighbouring wine barrel sat a generous pile of whole wheat sourdough crostini.  Although we were absolutely full it was hard to walk past without tasting just the tiniest morsel.

Before we boarded our bus the contented crowd gathered to collect generous goodie bags and a freshly made affogato with Frangelico, home-made vanilla bean ice cream and a slice of handmade crostoli.  Every bus trip should involve a perfectly made affogato I have decided.

This was the most memorable evening.  We were paying guests but it felt like we had been invited into a special family gathering.

This event has left me in awe of what can be achieved when a group of passionate, like-minded people put their heart and soul into sharing their knowledge and skills with the wider community.  Congratulations to all involved, we hope to return again next year.

I did some research while writing this post and decided to share some descriptions with you.

A traditional Italian fried dough stuffed with anchovy or dried fruit in this case.

“little toasts”.  Toasted
slices of crusty bread.
Sweet crisp pastry that
has been shaped into thin ribbons, deep fried and sprinkled
with icing sugar.
coffee accompanied by 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream served in a cup.   Can  include a
shot of liqueur.


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    March 14, 2013

    .so beautifully captured Jane …. felt like i was there ( Ewe Beauty)

  2. Reply

    tea with hazel

    March 14, 2013

    what an amazing experience jane..eating all that beautiful locally grown/produced food among the vines on a beautiful summer's night must have been like being in paradise..x

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    March 14, 2013

    Wow! What a special experience.

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    e / dig in

    March 15, 2013

    jane, i am so envious of this wonderful experience. your photos are so warm and evocative – it looks like you are in a european vineyard, as part of a big italian family gathering (as you said!). and the food sounds scrumptious. my mouth is watering at the affogato (and i don't even like coffee – but frangelico, that's anoter story). lucky you!

  5. Reply

    Kate @ Kate Writes

    March 15, 2013

    I was a little jealous but it sounds like you had a fantastic night. I would have to agree about bus trips and affogato…it might have made some of those lengthy bus trips a bit better hey?! Festa della Vendemmia is on my to-do list.

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    Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

    March 15, 2013

    What a fantastic evening, how I wish we had something like that here.

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    lucent imagery

    March 15, 2013

    AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This looks so incredible Jane! I would love to attend that event now that you've made me aware of it. It makes me think of the Italian guy we met in Oslo who loved the Slow Food movement. And of Diner en Blanc that I attended in Brisbane and Sydney last year. Just love these passionate, inspired pop up dinners. Your photos are beautiful.

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    Mama Smith

    March 15, 2013

    Oh my, just when I thought it couldn't get any better I see that giant wheel of Reggiano! What an amazing event, lucky duck 🙂

    xox Lilly

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    look see (naomi)

    March 16, 2013

    Beautiful photos – it looks like it was a wonderful event 🙂

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    Lizzie - Strayed from the Table

    March 20, 2013

    Fantastic setting with such a great menu, if only I was there to eat too. Looks like you had a great time and great photos.

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    Missy Piggy

    March 21, 2013

    This looks like such a beautiful evening! I'm a little bit jealous (ok, a lot jealous)!

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    Lizzy (Good Things)

    March 24, 2013

    Jane, what a wonderful experience and so beautifully captured and shared!

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    Kyrstie @ A Fresh Legacy

    March 24, 2013

    That sounds like a wonderful event and right near my home town too! Your pictures are lovely Jane.

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    March 27, 2013

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! I love it Jane – I can see why you'd travel 300ks to get there. Wonderful photos – thank you for sharing!

    Hope you get that cool change soon


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    March 27, 2013


    I'll share that on the Slow Food Hobart facebook page

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    monique's mess

    February 4, 2014

    so inspired by your photos i looked it up on the net.. I see 2014 is sold out so have requested to be considered for next years event – fingers crossed

    • Reply

      Jane S

      February 5, 2014

      Thanks Monique. It is a special event, we booked tickets for 2014 before Christmas. I hope you get a chance to attend one day.